I’m actually working on my first game, a simple one. I have wrought ideas about the next two, but after that’s my first time to develop and publish a game, I beginned with a simple one in Unity.

Screen Survival – Zombie Forest. It’s a still-screen, 2D top-down, zombie-wave survival, highscoring game. You fight from a look-out tower with weapons, and after a wave completes, you can gather raw materials (and food/drink) OR /there will be a screen with these options/ build them on the map, if you have enough materials, also gather ammo from the dead bodies. You’ve limited time to build constructions and gather ammo, OR if you choose to stack up, then you’ll have unlimited time to choose what to pack up and return (you’ll have limited weight capacity, that could be upgraded with a tool or skill). That time limit to build will grow as more rounds completed. I’ll will implement some nice features too, like choosable characters with specialties, and maybe local coop (one with a mouse, and the other with a joy). The bone elements of the coding is nearly completed,  but I’ve began designing and manufacturing game elements (with fast designs), so I could see and test the game more wisely. Only those main features will be implemented later, what you see below with white out backgrounds.

[I will update this function state spreadsheet, but other things came up since the game mechanism advanced.]

So the building looks like this now. I’m thinking in three main builds. A website version, a “very simple” version of the game, with function limitations and exceptions. A main, PC version with every function, and maybe more. And I think the mobile version would be the last to build, a simpler version of the full game. I’ll figure more about them, what to implement to which version.

I’ll load up a screenshot to view how the game will look like. ( I will, no worries .D )

There was only one zombie enemy, I made three categories by health, and in those by speed, slow, normal and fast. Spotlight bubble is now collectible, spotlights now can be repaired to light with it. Healthbar ca

Well I progressed, but not enough. The craftable items now shows, when an item that you gathered is necessary for it. Craft and the Item slots menu is now scrollable. The electric system is now working with craftables like aggregator, solar panel, akku pack (there will be no more electric generator), pistol turret and the wires itself. The electricity is counted in two cycles, after daylight and after night. Weapons are now collectibles through gathering on military base, but you could also find some “civil” weapons on the farm and in the residential area. Your tower is now can be repaired, you can also make wooden arrows. I think that’s it, it’s all working, but I should fix some things, like UI should not rotate with the placed craftable. I can continue with new craftables, or making the car trunk usable to gather, it would have it’s own UI in the mid menu. New enemies maybe.