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  • New Mix…!

    Yea, I’m being late for about two weeks with the new mix. All those effect-full songs are left, and it’s really hard to set them apart. I’m collecting ANNA songs too, what I like, and I found some really dark, really heavy trippers. Apart from that, I’m in a heavy mood to develop my game, […]

  • Dear Followerz!

    More than a month left since my last new mix update… I’m not over-pleased about that I didn’t uploaded a new mix. I will do one with the style “Happy Tempo in Darkness” in-between the next one or two weeks. I’m not really progressed with my game neither. As I mentioned, I wanted to have […]

  • New Raw Mix…

    …coming up in the next days. It will be a strange, overwhelming mix with some light beginning. Tickler, crackling, crazy songs, with a little annoy and monotony.  But I got far more than these, only none of those are that oppressive, so should be a stand alone Boris mix.